Shane Dorian at The Right

$300.00 USD

This photo is very special to me.  Shane called me when this swell showed up on the maps and he was extremely excited about getting this wave bigger than it had ever been surfed.  It was still a pretty secret spot at this time and when we got there this morning, we were alone.  Shane and Alex paddled out in a hurry, they each caught one wave, then this thing came through.  Shane said later this day that when he first saw it, he thought, "no way, this things way too big.'' But at the last second, he whipped around, made a super technical drop, pulled up into the tube, and got smoked.  It all happened very fast.  It was without a doubt, the most incredible paddle in ride i've ever seen.

All Prints are made on fine art paper.  Price is for 20X30.  200 Limited Edition prints. Other sizes available upon request. Shipping will be calculated based upon location.

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